Firexo Has A Commitment to Innovation Through the Understanding of Fire and People!

Firexo Has A Commitment to Innovation Through the Understanding of Fire and People!


Former firefighter Siobhan Miles-Moore offers her take on Firexo’s fire extinguisher products and some top tips for fire safety.

Lancashire based Siobhan, spent 12 years in the Fire Service before venturing on a new career path to discover the world of ceramic art. Throughout her time as a firefighter, Siobhan found the role both rewarding and challenging:

“Seeing the difference you can make was so rewarding, but also being close to the distress caused by life changing incidents was very hard,” says Siobhan.

Telling us about the most common type of fire and how they could have been prevented, she says:

“Being based in rural location we saw a lot of chimney fires, but with any type of fire the main issue was that there was no thought or plan in place. Everyone should have a fire action plan.

“Most fire services will offer home checks to help with all elements of fire safety, including making sure all your smoke alarms are fitted in the right places.”

Keep Yourself Safe and Do Everything You Can to Avoid a Fire Risk

When choosing your fire extinguisher and home fire safety products, Siobhan says the key factors to keep in mind are simplicity and understanding.

“It is very important that property owners do not expose themselves to unnecessary risk, but a general fire extinguisher that you understand and have practiced using can reduce the risk of small fires spreading can be invaluable.

“Simplicity is what makes Firexo products like the pan fire extinguisher sachets so innovative. Traditional fire extinguishers are great if you take the time to understand them, but there is a lot to be said for simplicity, especially if you are in a stressful situation.”

For more information about our pan fire extinguisher sachets or any other home fire safety products in our extensive range, contact our friendly specialist team today.

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