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To save lives, belongings,
property and places and the
emotional effect fire can cause


At the point of a fire related emergency, saving seconds and minutes, can save so much more. Firexo addresses fire extinguishing confusion with their ALL in one solution.

Considering ALL aspects of product safety, Firexo focuses on the environmental impact of all its product variants, constantly improving existing ECO credentials through safer ingredients and massive water saving abilities.

Interview with Dave Breith

CEO at Firexo (full interview)

Company History

In the absence of such innovation, Firexo’s initiative was to create a revolutionary ALL in one fire extinguishing solution to help remove unnecessary choice at the point of a fire emergency. This magnificent accomplishment has resulted in a ground-breaking substance to help eliminate confusion, no matter the segment: be it residential, commercial, governmental, council, private, professional, event, distributor or fire-fighting organizations.

Firexo launched in 2018 in the U.K. on the back of years of research, we have blended over 100’s of tonnes of our patented liquid, signed 100’s of independent distributors, and are selling through many major retailers. We have signed over 20 countries for distribution and are still expanding fast.

Now working on its large fire FX73 innovation…watch this space as Firexo makes history!

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