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Here you can find out more about Firexo. From fire classes to where to buy Firexo, we’ve got you covered with our FAQ section.

Can I use Firexo to extinguish any fire?

Yes – Firexo comes in a range of sizes to help extinguish different sizes of fire. From a chip pan fire in the kitchen to larger fires, Firexo can be used to extinguish all fires. The full list of fire classes Firexo will extinguish can be found below or on our home page.


Each Firexo product is designed to tackle different sizes of fire, ranging from extinguishing small kitchen fires to larger car and building fires. For more information, head to our dedicated product page.

What class of fires will Firexo extinguish?

Firexo extinguishes all classes of fires, ranging from Class A to Class F. These are categorised as:

  • Class A – solid materials
  • Class B – flammable liquids
  • Class C – gases
  • Class D – metals
  • Class E – electric appliances
  • Class F – cooking oils

Firexo comes in a range of products, from sachets to extinguishers, all of different capacities to douse fires of any size.

Where can I buy Firexo?

If you are a consumer and are interested in buying Firexo for your household, glovebox or an upcoming trip, simply head to one of our selected retailers where you’ll be able to find the Firexo range.

Learn more about which retailers stock Firexo here

If you are a landlord or tenant, or from an organisation such as a rescue service or a local government department, please feel free to complete one of our enquiry forms or give us a call to find out more about the services we provide.

Can I clean up the fire debris after using Firexo?

Yes – Firexo helps the debris caused by a fire become cool to the touch. After leaving the area in which the fire took place for some time, return and start your clean up. However, only do this once the fire is extinguished and you are not in danger. If you are ever unsure if you should approach an area effected by a fire, speak to a fire and rescue service.

How much Firexo will I need?

All fires are different and will range in temperatures and sizes. If you are considering Firexo for a home, office or other business, then we could have a package that suits your space.

Consumers can purchase Firexo by selecting individual products, such as our spray cans and extinguishers to match their needs. If you are not sure what is right for you, we have a range of product packs available that suit different circumstances – for example, in the kitchen or on a camping holiday.