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About FireXO

Firexo is the new complete, environmentally friendly, approach to extinguishing fires. Our unique solution comes in a variety of packages, so you can put out any type of fire in a matter of seconds.

No matter the situation, Firexo can be used to extinguish any fire with the fraction of the resources needed using traditional solutions.

With Firexo you won’t be putting yourself at risk by wasting time to check which type of extinguisher you need to use.

All Fires,

one answer

Protect yourself and your property, or your organisation and extinguish any type of fire with just one solution.

Firexo is easy to use and puts out fires very effectively. Using the new Firexo extinguisher products can save critical time, resulting in unnecessary damage to property, and help prevent injury and save lives.

Firexo can be used to extinguish all fires, fast. In households, in the office, at events – anywhere. Learn more today about how you, your organisation, or rescue service can acquire this all in one solution.