Events Bundle


Protect your event attendees and ensure you’re complying with all the relevant fire safety regulations with our fire extinguisher event bundles.


Fire Extinguisher for Big Events

Our easy-to-use extinguishers avoid all the confusion over which type of fire extinguisher you need.

Using the latest industry technology and our many years of expertise in the field, we’ve developed a range of all-in-one fire extinguishers meaning you don’t need to worry about Classes or the extinguisher’s materials. This makes life easier when it comes to protecting your guests, employees and meeting all fire safety regulations.

Firexo fire extinguishers are also made from natural ingredients and unlike powder alternatives, are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Firexo’s innovative fire extinguishers for events offer the best protection for your festival, show, fete, or any gathering. We help event organisers across the globe with firefighting solutions that save lives and prevent small fires from becoming something unimagin


Available Extinguisher Sizes

 2 Litre 13A6 Litre 34A 9 Litre 55A500ml 3A

Fire test guidelines are designed to be several times the magnitude of anything the extinguisher would be expected to tackle in the real world.