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Office Buildings


Specialists in easy to use fire extinguishers for businesses of all sizes. Ensure your workplace complies with all fire safety legislation.


Fire Extinguisher Sachets for Office Buildings Fire

Firexo’s fire extinguishers for office buildings are easy to use and remove all the confusion out of knowing which extinguishers are right for which fire. The all-in-one designs mean you don’t have to worry about which Class or type of extinguisher is needed.

UK fire extinguisher regulations state that you should have a minimum of two extinguishers on every storey of your building.

Ensure your office complies with all fire safety regulations and protect your staff with Firexo’s innovative fire extinguishers which get to work fast.

Save lives and avoid a small fire becoming something unthinkable.

Whether you are a small business with just a few rooms at your office base or are upscaling to a multi-storey workplace – Firexo’s easy-to-use fire extinguishers offers peace of mind for saving lives and protecting your property.  


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Available Extinguisher Sizes

 2 Litre 13A6 Litre 34A 9 Litre 55A500ml 3A

Fire test guidelines are designed to be several times the magnitude of anything the extinguisher would be expected to tackle in the real world.