Protect yourself or your organisation
and extinguish any type of fire. Fast

When fire strikes, there’s little time to waste. There’s always something at risk and handling a fire as quickly as possible can reduce damage and protect lives.

Firexo is a new complete way of extinguishing any type of fire, our biodegradable and more environmentally friendly products tackle all types of fires in a matter of seconds and helps prevent a fire reigniting.

Firexo is made of natural ingredients and in nearly all cases makes the affected area cool to the touch once extinguished within a matter of minutes, allowing any debris to be disposed of quickly.

For households and all business sectors, with a variety of products to suit all needs and budgets.

We stock small extinguishers, sachets for pan fires, a range of extinguishers in different sizes for emergency use in the home, vehicles, businesses or anywhere where there is a risk of fire. We can supply our Extinguishers in bulk as well as our mass products from 1,000 litres and above to both public and private organisations – including tall buildings, fire & rescue services, local government buildings and hospitals.

With Firexo there’s less run off, less mess and less damage, making it the most efficient extinguishing solution on the market, globally.

Our mission is to protect people and businesses from all types of fires. Our solution extinguishes fires fast, without any confusion.