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Product details

Firexo can be supplied to fire and rescue services on mass, giving them the solution to battle any blaze in a fraction of the time of traditional extinguishers.


Technical information

  • Firexo Mass is for larger organisations and rescue services. We can deliver bespoke plans to support your business and provide the right amount of Firexo to match your circumstances and requirements.
  • The Firexo fluid can be induced into existing applications such as fire engines and sprinkler systems, creating a highly efficient means of extinguishing fires.

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Product warranty

All Firexo products are covered by our product warranty. If you require more information, just get in touch.

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In the news

Prestigious fire industry association (FIA) admits Firexo

Firexo, creator of the only liquid able to extinguish all classes of fire, has been admitted as a full member to the prestigious Fire Industry Association (FIA).



Who’s in charge? What do I do? Reducing the threat of fire to businesses

More innovation and staff training is needed to greater protect businesses from fire, says Firexo CEO Dave Breith

Seasoned team hired to launch new trailblazing firefighting liquid

The firefighting industry is behind the times – whilst the world has seen huge leaps forward in technology and innovation, the fire industry has been stagnant for half a century. But times are changing.


Firefighting revolutionised with ground-breaking new liquid

Avoidable deaths caused by fire, and extensive damage to businesses and homes, could now be reduced with the launch of Firexo.