Prestigious fire industry association (FIA) admits Firexo

Firexo, creator of the only liquid able to extinguish all classes of fire, has been admitted as a full member to the prestigious Fire Industry Association (FIA).

The FIA is the largest fire protection trade association in the UK, representing over 800 members – a significant proportion of the fire industry. Its main aim is to promote, improve and perfect fire protection methods, devices, services and apparatus.

New members undergo a rigorous vetting process before being inducted into the association.

Following its admittance, Firexo will now take part in setting industry best practice, shaping standards and influencing fire legislation.

Dave Breith, CEO of Firexo, comments: “Tracing its roots as far back 1916, the FIA has been unscrupulous in representing the fire industry for more than 100 years. Firexo is proud to be admitted into this highly respected association, which recognises the vast potential of Firexo to revolutionise the industry, save lives, and protect property.”

As the only solution able to extinguish all classes of fire, Firexo can play a key role in helping to improve fire safety standards. Electrical, fuel, gas, oil, fat, metals, and solid combustible material fires can all be put out with this single solution – removing the confusion over which extinguisher needs to be used on each class of fire.

It is also environmentally friendly – the non-toxic liquid is made from natural ingredients and is biodegradable, with a neutral PH, meaning it doesn’t harm the surrounding areas of a fire. It cools materials to a temperature that they can be handled, creates less debris, and requires small volumes to extinguish a fire, making clearing up easier.

Any home, any business, any event, and any vehicle, can be protected by Firexo, anywhere. It can be purchased in four forms: Firexo Extinguishers, Firexo Spray, Firexo Sachet for use on pan fires, and Firexo Mass, for emergency services and service providers.

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